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Our Candidates


Nyemah Gillespie

A dance teacher, small businesswoman, and arts school director

Born and raised in Camden, Nyemah is an award-winning classical dancer, business owner, and community leader. A graduate of Morgan State University, Nyemah is the Owner & Director of Dare 2 Dance, a dance school for students ages 3-18 interested in learning different forms of dance. She is also the Co-Owner Of Dare Academy, an organization committed to advancing the arts in our youth.

Falio Leyba-Martinez

An entrepreneur who brought back youth sports to East Camden

Raised in the Centerville neighborhood and a lifelong Camden resident, Falio, a first generation American, is from a long line of entrepreneurs, and is a successful small business owner. Falio holds degrees in both Law & Government and Criminal Justice from Camden County College and was instrumental in helping bring back youth baseball to East Camden.

Troy Still

School Dean, Coach, and behavioral specialist for our children

Born and raised in East Camden, Troy currently serves as Dean of School Culture at the Mastery High School of Camden and as a member of the Camden City School District Advisory Board. A product of Camden public schools, Troy was a member of the 2001 championship-winning football team at Woodrow Wilson High School, earned all-conference honors in 2005, and went on to play for North Dakota Valley City State University, graduating in 2012. Since then, he has worked as a coach for the Woodrow Wilson High School Football team, as a team lead/behavioral specialist for the Camelot Program, and is active in several different youth organization in the city, including Cathedral Kitchen, BOSS Mentoring, and Camden City Youth Football.

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